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    Since it still takes me a week or two to get halfway through a restoration I wondered if any of you have any favorite time saving techniques other than hot keys you use for certain situations. Maybe you use self made actions for some things?


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    No, I just use the old fashioned one step at a time method. It takes me a while to get them done also. Sure wish there were some magic methods. I know there are actions that can be run on bunches of photos with similar problems but I always feel each picture is an individual and needs it's own touchups so I don't use them.


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      Just started playing with Actions a couple of days ago when I had MUCHO scans to do that were crappy in the same exact way. Actions are super!

      Here's something I just discoved that probably most others already know:

      I was spending large sums of time trying to line up slanted images...had to keep trying to guess what angle to rotate the darn things. Then I discovered that if I simply used the ruler and drew a line on the image at the angle that looked right, that angle setting was automatically plugged into the ROTATE>CANVAS>ARBITRARY setting for how much to rotate. Those folks at PS think of everything. (Sometimes TOO much!)


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        Excellent tip and one that I use alot. I can never seem to get those scans straight.


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          Great tip Tim. Thanks. I didn't know about that one.



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