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  • Bad Tears.

    I am trying to practice on a picture I found on this site. It is badly torn . I use PSP8 and tried to clone in a new background but did not do the best job. The completed photo posted has sort of a faded background , and it seemd to be put at places to cover up bad spots . Can someone tell me how to do this effect? I am sorry I can not remember what forumit is in. It is a soldier in a long coat with a medal in hand. Thanks Neb

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    Neb, welcome to the forum! I really hope someone can figure out which challenge picture you are refering to. This forum is much about learning and improving but it's also about sharing life's experiences and even how those experiences can influence what we are all trying to accomplish here. Personally, I'm excited about having someone aboard that can bring a different, mature outlook to this forum. Keep 'em comin!!



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      Hello Duv: Thank you for the reply. I am trying to learn. I have always been self taught BUT...with the help of great people from the net. I love my computer and I really enjoy working with pictures for some reason. This is the place to get help and learn right? I am not afraid to ask questions to meet a goal , and learning new techniques it important to me. I hope I understood this place as being just that!!

      Well thank your post. I hope someone can find it too..LOL Next time I am going to note where I am, but please remember I am just finding my way around here. Blessings Neb


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        Neb, if you upload the photo that you're working on, then we'll be able to work with you to learn how to do it better. I think you've said that you don't feel comfortable uploading any of your work, but please trust us that we are like you -- we enjoy working with photos, and enjoy learning how to do it better, and are glad to help someone new get started so they can join in on the fun!

        I've looked at a long list of challenge photos, and can't figure out which one you are talking about -- but it might be in an old thread (rather than in the list of Challenges), and would be really hard to ever find without you giving us a hint by showing what you've done so far.



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          I am going to find out how to upload it now. I will first post the one I found to work on , then maybe post what I tried. But please remember I do not know a lot about all the techniques and just doing my thing the best i know how. Will think about posting what I tried...and got frustrated with. Neb


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            Well I saved it on my computer and here it is. I still do not remember which forum I picked it up on though. Maybe it will look familiar to someone. It is called 8131grandad-origa.jpg

            This is my first time to upload. I do not know if this will work or not, but will give it a try. I did read Flora's post and went to the information someone posted about this. I must admit I have a slow learning curve so hope I understood this correct. Might help that it is a copy of a picture someone already posted and most likely compressed?? Thanks Neb
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              Yes please! CJ is right. Don't be afraid, no one will make fun of you. Everyone is here to help. I looked for the picture too, but with no luck. Now that you found it, I'll play with it, and see what I can come up with to help you. I can see already that the shoulder is out of my league, but that is what's great here, we all learn. So I'm excited to tackle this one with you.


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                I had the same message when I received your PM. So I went to the top of the page and clicked on my User CP, and got your message that way.


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                  Neb, you post uploaded just fine. Perhaps you can now post what you have tried so far.



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                    Yippee, Neb! You uploaded your first photo, and it shows up just fine.

                    I haven't found the original challenge here yet, but I did find a member's completed version (looks very good) in the Gallery section:



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                      Hi Again Duv:
                      How about I first post the end result of the original poster. I am trying to get up the courage to post my attempt. It is awful. I can however post another one I did awhile back which was not as bad. Would that work? I would like to wait to post what I have done until You can give me some help and pointers ok?? Neb
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                        My First

                        I am going to copy my very first restoration from my old computer tomorrow and post it, so you don't feel so bad. I made the mistake of thinking that I would never get it. Come to find out later, it was a really bad picture to start with, and I didn't have my basics down. Like I said in my PM, I'm working on a webpage to show my work, with one of the goals being how I've improved because of this site.


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                          Two tries !!

                          I just remembered I tried to do something with these two last night. I do not want to post too much but will send these two as my feeble attempts. The one of the larger family, needs better background behind the girl standing for sure but it was all I knew how to do. The window was another big challenge. I also need to learn more about layers, I am sure. Thanks for the yippie for the first post CJ. Neb
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                            Hey, wadda ya talkin about?! Those are great starts. Sure it looks like you got some brush marks from clone stamping behind the girl, but yes that will be helped by a better understanding of layers and masks. Go to the tutorials and read The Awsome Power Of Layer Masks by Vikki. This one helped me out alot.
                            Thanks Vikki


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                              I don't know how to use PSP, but there are others here who do use it who can give you pointers, or can translate what we Photoshopers say .

                              Let's talk about how we can replace the missing pieces of his uniform. We're lucky with this photo because there is another arm that we can copy from, flip that copied piece around, and actually fit it into the hole in the other arm -- like a puzzle. In Photoshop, I made a selection (with the lariat, or other selection tool -- pen, quick mask, etc.) and then copied that piece to another layer all by itself. Then I used a menu command Edit-->Transform-->Flip Horizontal to flip it so it now looked like it belonged on his left side. Then I used the Move tool to place it along his left shoulder/arm.
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