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Original to Restored Image Color Matching

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  • Original to Restored Image Color Matching

    Is there a way to take a color reading from an original print and input it into Photoshop CS so that the restored image matches the original in background tone?

    I have a continual problem with matching the color of the original in my restored copies printed on my Epson 4000.

    I know that the old fibre based papers that pastel and sepia prints were made on has a different base tone that the RC silver halide or the Epson Lustre paper.

    I have to believe that there is some way of getting close without spending hours fooling around with the restored image. I am spending more time trying to match the color than I am restoring the imperfections in the original.

    I know that Pantone makes a tool to lay on top of colors to get a reading for a matching hexadecimal or Pantone color number. Is there a way to do the same with another tool on original images?

    I am scanning my images in on an Epson 1640. Are there specific settings on the 1640 I should be looking at changing?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated by this frustrated neophyte.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Ahmed V. Ismail,

    Welcome to RP!

    Matching colours seems to be one of the most complex task when working with scanned originals, digital pictures > Photoshop > Printer ....

    What I learned (? ?) is that, in order to have constant good results the first things to check and fix are:

    Monitor Calibration.
    Color Management.
    ... and the right Color Profile.

    I found the best and most extensive explanation on these delicate topics here just browse thorugh Tutorials, Articles etc ... everything is very well and clearly explained and it makes a very interesting reading ....

    Hope this helps ...