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  • Now What???

    This is a good pic for brushing up on restoration and retouching techniques.....

    ...and it's giving me fits!!!

    I went about this project by first doing a levels adjustment (Holding alt while moving the sliders).

    I then repaired most of the major damage with the clone tool.

    Next I ran a layer through dust and scratches, turned it into a mask layer and painted out the rest of the damage and many of the marks left behind from the cloning.

    Overall I think it came out well though I still need to work on the frame/mat. My gripe is I can still see some distortion, particularly against the dark clothing. anybody got any ideas or suggestions on how to make this better. There was a lot of damage in this area and I do not seem able to get it perfect.

    Thanks, Alan.
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    Hi Alan,

    First of all congratulations on a fine job of restoration.

    The only "faults" I can see on the image posted, are a variation in tone at the bottom of the man's waistcoat, and some clone repeat marks in the same area. (This may be down to the size of the posted image.) If there is something in particular, try posting a close up of the area that most concerns you.

    The tone variations can be altered by selecting them and running a levels adjustment. Alternatively, (and this is the method I prefer for small alterations) create a new layer, set blend mode to Soft Light, fill with 50% grey, then, using a soft white/black brush set to 5% opacity, paint in lightness/darkness as required.

    I'd do the tone adjustment first, before trying to eliminate cloning marks, it may make them less noticeable.

    Cloning marks are best taken out with more cloning. Try varying the hardness/softness of the brush used, and also vary its opacity. I always clone on a seperate layer, that way any mistakes can be erased easily, and the layer blend and opacity can also be adjusted to give further control.

    Hope this helps a little.