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Newspaper stamp?

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  • Newspaper stamp?

    I have what apears to ba a newspaper print stamp (my wifes grandmother) and I would like to get a print from it. I have tried to scan it but to no avail...

    Has anyone ever done anything like this before??

    Reinking it and stamping it are out of the question. There is a little corrosion on it and we do not want to clean the ink off.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Paul Rupp

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    Any high-contrast photo should work. It's designed to have only ink/no ink sections, so a good resolution photo run through any number of contrast-increasing routines should work. I'm surprised the scanner didn't work for this.
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      I'm also kind of surprised the scanner didn't work. What was the result when you scanned it? Any chance you could upload one of the scans? -Jeanie


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        I will scan it again when my wife isn't looking!
        I will post a link here when I do.

        Thank you,

        Paul Rupp


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          Feel free to attach a file

          (links get broken over time)
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            Re: Newspaper stamp?

            I assume you mean a photo engraving printing plate.

            If so then rub talcum powder all over it, then you will have a true image but revers left to right.
            Scan that and revers and retouch as appropriate

            When done rinse out under the tap and dab off with kitchen towel
            warming slightly over a low flame


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