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  • Moving around an image

    How do you move around a zoomed (up close) image where part of it is off the screen while in the middle of selecting it ?

    Last edited by Kim; 04-19-2005, 07:43 AM.

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    Hello Kim,

    Two choices:

    1) center the image so you have constant view of area, or
    2) Depress the spacebar and hold it down while moving mouse or finger/pen over pad. the pointer will change into a hand and enable you to continue without interruption,



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      Some other options:

      The navigation palette (drag the little red square)
      Pageup/pagedown and add Ctrl for sideways (I think it's Ctrl, might be one of the other modifier keys)
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        Hi Sean2 & Doug, how are you doing ?

        I don't know how 1) works but I tried 2) and it works fine, exactly what I'd like to do
        I assume with 1) method, before I do my selection, I have to zoom it out so the whole image fits on the screen (that way I don't have to worry about moving around) ?

        Hi Doug,
        While I'm in the middle of selecting my image using my mouse, I can't access the Navigator window to move that little red square . I tried PageUp/PageDown (with or without the Ctrl) and it doesn't seem to work

        Maybe # 2) option Sean2 mentioned above is the only option



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          I should read more carefully
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Hi Kim,

            Along with using the space bar to move the image around you can also:

            press the space bar plus the alt/option key to zoom out.
            press the space bar plus the command/control key to zoom in.



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              thank Eleanor

              Doug, I do that all the time


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