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Combating Eye Strain

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  • Combating Eye Strain

    Sometimes when I am working on a restoration I forget to blink and my eyes start to really hurt! When I get to this point, I have to step away from the computer for a minute and rest my eyes.

    I have a few toys on my desk that I pick up and play with every so often, helps me refocus on the restoration and it gives me a chance to relax!

    Anyone else have this "problem"??

    Paul Rupp

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    Yes, I get eye strain also because I will start working on some file and forget all time. Next thing you know, the screen images and words will start to jiggle and my eyes will start to ache. That's when I know I've pushed it to far. So now I try to take breaks away from the screen and actually find that doing that gives me a new refreshed view of the work I was doing and I actually pick up on some details I missed. It's not easy to do because you hate to leave the computer when your creative juices are flowing.

    Also I find that reading a lengthy file on screen is alot harder on my eyes than doing close up restoration work. I don't know why that is.


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      I haven't had a problem with my eyes aching, but I do find that when I'm having a hard time deciding if something looks right, I need to get away for a while. Like Debbie, when I come back things just seem to focus a little better.



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        Wearing soft contacts in a very dry climate I often get that burning/aching sensation when I "forget" to blink. Walking away plus some good eye drops really helps. And yes, Debbie, I definitely have a more difficult time reading text on screen than working on a picture. I can't tell you how many trees I've used to save my eyes. (I do try to use recycled paper as much as I can though. )