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Decrack action and PS5.0

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  • Decrack action and PS5.0

    For the folks using PS5.0 who couldn't load the action from the tutorial, you'll have to wait a bit longer... I can't get PS5.0 to install under Windows ME. PS6.0 works fine, but 5.0 won't even start.

    If somebody running 5.0 is interested enough, I could take the time to write down the steps and you could create a 5.0 version for everyone in the same boat...


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    Hi Tim

    I tried running your action in Photoshop 5.5 and it will not load, and it gives me the same error that others have reported.
    If it is possible for you to write down the steps, I would be happy to create the action for you.



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      PS6 has the capability of exporting actions to text files. That might work. Then someone else could duplicate them in 5.0. (I don't think they can be imported from text)
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        Wow, you learn something new everyday. I didn't know you could do that.


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          I have no idea what Doug's talking about, but I have 5.0 and I'd be more than willing to try it.



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            To save an action as text in Windows, you press and hold down the Alt+Shift key as you click the triangle to access the "Actions" menu. Then you select "Save Actions" and it will be saved as text.

            You cannot import an action in TXT format in Photoshop 5.x.

            Now back to Tim's Decrack action.
            It will not load in Photoshop 5.x, so I used a plain text editor to view the contents.

            I did figure out all the steps except two of them.

            The first says "Make Layer Without Below" and the next step says "Paste Anti-alias: none."

            What are these steps supposed to do? I just cannot find any steps in Photoshop 5.x to get this.

            Anyone have any idea?



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              The scoop


              The "Make layer" is just the creation of a new empty layer.

              The "Paste: Anti-alias: none" is just a normal paste.

              The first few steps (up until the paste) are simply copying the currently visible layers into a single new layer... There's a simpler way to do this (a shortcut I saw somewhere), but I can't remember it right now. Essentially, I'm duplicating the document into a new, merged document, copying the contents, and pasting them back into the original document.

              Also note the "without user mask linked" option in the "Set current layer" entry near the bottom... It makes sure that actions on the image don't affect the mask (and vice versa).

              In PS6.0, the keys to allow .txt export of actions are Ctl-Alt rather than Alt-Shift... I'm glad this is possible! It saved a lot of typing.

              Here's the complete action in text, for the curious:

              Set: Decrack
              Message: “Decrack v1.0 Nov. 2001 - Photoshop 6.1 (c) 2001, Tim J. Edwards Purpose: Auto-removal of high-contrast cracks and scratches when retouching photographs. (feel free to disable this dialog when you tire of it)”
              With Continue
              Duplicate first document
              Name: “__s_n_a_p_s_h_o_t__”
              With Merged
              Set Selection
              To: all
              Saving: no
              Make layer
              Without Below
              Anti-alias: none
              Duplicate current layer
              Message: “Adjust the high-pass filter such that image details are barely visible, but the target damage is more obvious. Smaller values are more conservative, preserving more image detail. Example settings: 0.3 (gentle) 1.5 (normal) 4.0 (he...
              With Continue
              High Pass
              Radius: 1.5 pixels
              With Auto
              Radius: 1 pixels
              Message: “Adjust brightness such that image details are barely visible, while target damage is obvious. Default values: brightness +0, contrast +80 ”
              With Continue
              Contrast: 80
              Set Selection
              To: RGB channel
              By: 1 pixels
              Delete current layer
              New: channel
              At: mask channel
              Using: reveal selection
              Set current layer
              To: layer
              Without User Mask Linked
              Select RGB channel
              Radius: 1 pixels
              Radius: 1 pixels
              Select mask channel
              Select current channel
              Delete current channel
              With Apply


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                It seems to work great with light cracks against dark background. Can it be inverted in some way or at some stage to clean dark cracks against a light background?


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                  The secret is to swap the "Minimum" filter with the "Maximum" filter. The former grabs the value of the darkest of neighboring pixels, while the latter grabs the lightest.

                  The action already includes both filters, with only one active. Just duplicate the action, rename the copy "Decrack dark", uncheck "minimum" and check "maximum". Good luck!



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                    Hi Tim

                    You are right about the Ctrl-Alt key to save an action as a TXT file. I made a mistake. Sorry.

                    Thank you for the steps. I will try them and get back to you.

                    I did try it and there is a problem somewhere. It has to do with the "Set selection to RGB channel."
                    It is not available.

                    Here's what I think is happening:

                    You create a copy of the image, and merge all layers in that copy. You then copy this "flat" image on top of all layers in your original, and close that flat image.

                    You create a new layer and paste the "flat" image" on this new layer.
                    You then duplicate this layer and you desaturate this layer.

                    To this desaturated layer, you apply a "High Pass," "Solarize," "Median" filter, plus a "Brightness/Contrast" adjustment.

                    This is where the problem starts.

                    The RGB channel is already selected in the Channels palette.
                    Therefore the next step "Set selection to RGB channel" is not available.

                    At this point there is no selection to inverse.
                    If there were a selection then I would be able to expand it, and the rest of the action would work.

                    What are you trying to do at this point? Are you trying to select only the highlights (and not the shadows) in the desaturated image?
                    Maybe that works on a layer in Photoshop 6.0 but it does not in Photoshop 5.x.
                    However, if I do not close that extra "flat" document created at the beginning, and I convert that document to "Grayscale," then I can choose to "Load Selection" and target that Grayscale document, and it will load a selection.

                    From this point up to the end, it will work. But without some kind of selection, it does not.

                    I am just trying to figure out what is supposed to happen here. Is there supposed to be some type of selection?



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                      the magic selection


                      The step you're wondering about is actually making a mask-like selection of the current image. Hitting 'quick mask' with this selection active would result in a semi-transparent looking version of the image, in red. It's accomplished in 6.0 by pressing Ctl-Alt-Shift-~ (that last character is the tilde, right above the Tab key on my keyboard).

                      Hopefully it's available in 5.0 as well as 6.0. If not, you'll need to do something like make a temporary mask out of the (inverted) grayscale and then set the selection to that layer mask.



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                        Oh great. Thanks Tim. I figured it must do the opposite effect by switching something during the process but this is even better.


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                          Hi Tim

                          You provided the proper clue. Your "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+~" shortcut worked.

                          I tried the action on the photo at
                          and it seems to have done a good job.

                          Now... how do I send you this "action" that works in Photoshop 5.x?
                          Or is there a way to send it to this forum?



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                            just post it as an attachment

                            I'm sure the friendly janitor will put it in its proper place if you just attach it, Serge. Thanks for all the work!



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                              Hi Tim

                              I'm trying to find an e-mail address?
                              Out of luck so far?
                              Any hints on where I can find it on this page?

                              Sorry about this post, I just found Doug Nelson's e-mail address.



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