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  • top layer flattened

    somebody within the last week has noted how to make a flattened copy layer as the top layer of your image while retaining all the layers underneath; i can neither remember how nor find the thread. can someone advise? thanks!

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    It wasn't me but I would imagine you would duplicate your image with all its layers then flatten that duplicate and then move it over to the original as a layer. At least that's what it sounds like you're asking.


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      It wasn't me either. And I don't even remember why you would want to do that. If it's just a temporary thing, I think you could just flatten the image. After you do what you want, you could go to "History" and delete that part. But I'm probably wrong again (going for a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records). Why do you want to do that anyhow?



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        ed, i'm not telling :p

        no seriously just to have the whole thing in one document for speculative puposes, but not close all my options. it's a family tree with a layer for each generation.

        i could have sworn it was dj in the spots thread, but i couldn't find and you deny so i guess not. i wound up doing what you suggested dj, but what i'm remembering is a keystroke combination that just makes a composite layer on top, leaving the rest alone. I think "E" is in it, but you can't search for "E"

        thanks though


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          Sorry Kathleen, I don't know of any key stroke that does that.


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            You can do that (in version 4.0 at least) by taking a "Snapshot". You can choose to take a "Merged" snapshot (which is all layers) or a single layer snapshot.

            Do you think that's it?


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              Hi Kathleen,

              In version 6, to have a flattened layer above your individual layers you do the following

              1. Create a new layer above all your other layers.
              2. Hold down the Alt key.
              3. Go to Layers, Merge Visible

              Now your have a flattened version plus all your individual layers.

              Ctrl + E merges down.

              Hope this helps.



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                eeeha, that's it.

                when i read . . . "in version 6 . . . "my heart sanl, but it works in 5 too.

                thanks sharon.

                and vicki and dj for providing alternate methods - ain't photoshop grand?


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                  Glad your happy Kathleen. Sharon, thanks for filling in the mystery.


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                    Your welcome.

                    Glad I could help you. You've all helped me so much.



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                      Why don't you post that tip in the tips catagory. It's in this Restoration, Retouching and Manipulation forum catagory and at the very top of the page. I think it's a good tip for others to see.


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