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  • dumb question

    Boy this is s dumb question but since the format of these forums are switched around, how do I reply to it? I've searched everywhere.

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    umm, how do you reply to what? if you mean reply to any given post/thread, the button is under the post, lower left, in gray and white and says, 'Post Reply'. if that's not what you meant, then this is a dumb answer to your 'dumb question'



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      Ok thats better i was a different mode. Thread mode I think. I thought i was going crazy at first. Thanks for your reply though.


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        you're welcome



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          Dumb Question Thread >

          Oh! I thought this might be a place to ask dumb questions.... mine would be "Anyone know the other way to skin a cat"?


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            Tell it you'll hold its coat while it goes for a swim?


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