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  • PSP7 and PS Elements

    Is anybody using PSP7 and Photoshop Elements and have enough familiarity to show any advantages one over the other in photo restoration? I am conisdering using Elements because Photoshop itself is better, but dont know how much better Elements would be for this. Any ideas?

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    There is plenty of functionality in PSP that is not in Elements. Unfortunately I have lost the message that told what they are, but I believe Curves is one of the features missing. It was plenty enough to make me thankful for PSP.

    PSP is a very robust program for the money. I have not seen any convincing evidence, even from pros, that Photoshop is better for anything.


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      Here's a link... back to a discussion here on retouchpro:


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        The best app for any purpose is the one you feel the most comfortable with. Both of these offer free time-limited trial versions. Play with them both, and let us know what your decision is (and why).
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