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Water damaged photo from 1889

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  • Water damaged photo from 1889

    This is the only photo we have of a Great, Great Grandfather, his wife and two children. He was 48 when this was taken and died one year later. A daughter is behind and between the man and his wife. She is 3 to4 years older than the boy on the left who is 8. I know this photo is very bad. I had tried, but am getting nowhere with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    To get a true black and white image Do Image Adjustment Black and White. Then to increase black point do a curves adjustment - hold done Alt when pressing Auto and then click enhance per channel contrast and snap neutral tones. The rest will require cloning, spot healing etc.


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      Might want to consider doing some Photo bashing of the image - - or cloning from another old picture - bring back woman's dress, shrubs, etc.


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