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Fixing double chins

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  • Fixing double chins

    i am having trouble improving double chins on photos.does anyone have any good techniques?thanx

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    Actually, I did this with a friend of mine. as soon as I get to work and ask her permission, I will post it on here.

    Every face is different, so what I did may not work for that particular subject:

    What I had done was slect where her second chin and copy it onto a different layer (named chin).
    I took the chin layer and raised it to where her regular chin is, and since there wasn't much of a difference between the to, I used that. I then used a mild blurring and cloning to cover up the second chin in the original.

    I also scuplted the face to make her look a bit thinner. I accomplished this on 5.5, but what I did was simply clone over some of the background and "shaved" the sides of her face. (only a bit at a time)

    Now, the reasoning behind this is because she had lost a considerable amount of weight and had a few more pounds to go and wanted to see what her final result would be.
    needless to say, she was incredibly pleased.



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      Just a guess here but I would think you would have to remove the crease between chins maybe by using the dodge tool to lighten the shadow or clone tool so it looks like one smooth chin instead of two and then try using the liquify if you have ver 6 if not you will have to clone in to slim the neck a bit. An example would help in assesing the specific problem but that's the best I can think of. Maybe others have a better way to tackle this one.


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        If you have or can get your hands on Katrin Eismann's book, Photoshop Restoration and Retouching (I would consider it a Must can find it at Amazon thru the link here in the Review section), Chapter 10 will give you some other good tips besides.... good luck Tom


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          I'd like to share a before and after picture of someones wrinkly chin that I transformed using a technique I discovered in Photoshop User magazine(Nov/Dec2001-p25 "Retouching a Jowl")
          The technique is basically:
          1.Making a selection from a "good" part of the jaw and putting it on its own layer
          2.Using the transform tool to stretch and rotate the new jaw in position
          3.Load the new chin layer as a selection and add a layer mask with a soft airbrush(used with variable opacities) to blend in the new chin line
          4.Clone if necessary to get it looking natural
          5.Add contrast with burn tool if necessary

          The photo in question I took as a quick snapshot with a digital camera at a holiday party.What I'm finding interesting is that the subject has never asked me if I "did anything" to the picture.She just thinks she looks good in the picture.
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            Wow, big difference. You reduced alot of the age lines too. Sure looks more youthful. Good job.


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              Paulette! You've found the fountain of youth!! Quick! Where is it?? Looks great!



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                thanks everyone.quick response to my first posting. we had a couple over for new years eve...i took some pictures...i just like touching them up a bit...but my friend took one look and said...boy am i ugly...looking at her double chin...)( sort of the opposite of what paulette found ) i think i need to do a little bit more retouching....will try paulettes technique and looking forward to rick's sculpting...Don


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                  what a nice job. your story made me smile (oops, better not do that, makes wrinkles). retouchers have the power to make people look like what they think they look like. that's a lot of power, imho.


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                    Well, At the time that I did this, I really didn't have PS6, though I would imagine it would have definitely been easier.

                    We were all still pleased with the results.

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                      Nice job on the chin. My big thing down here is 1.wrinkles (wrinkles on the neck I find much harder to eliminate than those on the face and unfortunately no one wears turtlenecks here in Fl.)2.ruddy(from the sun) skin and 3. droopy eyes( a little of the liquify tool works miracles there!)
                      Personally enjoy creating photos that make
                      people feel happy about looking at themself. I've come to realize that although my friends know that I "do photography" on my computer, they really have no concept of digital alteration. Or if they do it's perhaps along the lines of" don't ask,don't tell". By the way, it's worthwhile taking a look at some of the plastic surgery sites on the web to get an idea of how people want to look.Living not too far from Palm Beach(which seems to have more than its share of plastic surgeons) there are always before and after ads in the local paper.
                      Changing the subject slightly, did anyone see that new painting of the Queen of England that was done by some supposedly famous artist? I really can't image anyone making someone look so bad although my husband suggested that perhaps that's how she really looks now. Anyway, I thought artists who painted royalty tried to make them look better than they really look.


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                        you did good. i bet that spurred her on to her goal, too.

                        whenever i have tried to do this, i always get confused about where the shadows should go. gonna have to open back up the ones i've tried and try all yall's suggestions.


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                          Excellent job on the chin. Really makes her look younger.

                          Good suggestion about checking into the plastic surgery sites. Know what you mean about the neck being a problem.


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                            here is the chin i was trying to retouch. i will post my retouches when done. done
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                              That's going to be a tough pic to work with to be perfectly honest with you. The angle and type of picture are critical when it comes to doing something like that.

                              I'm very anxious to see the results, though. Definitely do a before and after and I'll study the pic and see if I there is someway to do it, though.

                              Best of luck and let us know please.



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