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Retouching, and Manipulation books for Glamour

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  • Retouching, and Manipulation books for Glamour


    Having trouble choosing a Photoshop book to learn about retouching and manipulation specifics for the glamour photography

    Could someone please recommend something


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    I would consider Katrin Eismann's book "Restoration & Retouching" a must have for the techniques of using the tools effectively.

    Other than that, Kevin Ames has a book out called something like Digital Photography of Women. I do not own the book. It has gotten some fairly good reviews.


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      Professional Photoshop by Dan Margulis is great too. His new book "Photoshop LAB Color" is great, being simple and difficult, depending on how deep you want to get.



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        Another great book is "The Glitterguru on Photoshop, from concept to cool" by Suzette Troche-Stapp ( This is a great book. And important so is Katrin Eismann's book "Restoration & Retouching". Recently Katrin Eismann mail me to tellme that in October-November, she have a new book with important techniques about rectouch of beauty and glamour. Interesating.!!!


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          Originally posted by Rodi
          Professional Photoshop by Dan Margulis is great too. His new book "Photoshop LAB Color" is great, being simple and difficult, depending on how deep you want to get.

          I've been a Dan margulis devotee for years, and, yes, his new book on LAB color is the new frontier in photoshop color work. But he is not, first and foremost, a retoucher, a fact that he freely aludes to in the intro of that book. His forté is color, and, while his LAB book gives some useful directions to go in bringing out better detail and tone in faces, glamour work is as much a function of the healing brush and drastic image alterations, rather than simply making the existing image as good as possible. There are dozens of techniques, such as blurred layers in Soft Light mode, diffused glow layers, enhancing highlights and shadows with Overlay or Multiply layers, that lie outside the scope of his books.


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