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Sharpening Portraits

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  • Sharpening Portraits

    Here's a good tip I picked up for sharpening a portrait.

    Because normal sharpening can create a harsh effect on a portrait go to the channels palette and select the red channel. Since the red channel has the least amount of the facial skin details by applying the unsharp mask to only that channel you only sharpen the edges of the image without loosing that soft effect in the face details.


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    Hi Debbie,

    After being off the computer for a while (still having problems), I was really glad to see something like this. Now I have a reason to play again! Thanks for the tips.



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      You're welcome Ed. Glad you're up and working again. I almost thought this was one of those dead threads. Hope you can really use it. It's one of those neat tidbits from my day class. I thought it was pretty neat.

      Check out the 3 steps to a studio backdrop in this same tips forum. It's another tip I know we all wanted to know how to do. I was thrilled when I got this tip.


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        Thanks DJ, can't wait to try it out.


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          Hi DJ,

          Thanks for the tip. I'll use it next time I sharpen an image.



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            This type of sharpening may not be suitable for regular images. It's more suited for sharpening portraits where you want to sharpen the edges but not bring into detail all the facial blemishes and pores. It tends to keep a soft look to the skin but still sharpening the hair, eyes and outlines.


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              Hi DJ,

              Thanks for clarifying that for me. I use it just on portraits.



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                You're welcome.


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