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  • Artistic Edge Effects

    I updated my TLR Edge Effects action set.

    The old version required that you make a marquee selection. The update makes selections in 3 different sizes automatically. (You can optionally choose different settings.) The frame edges will be 5%, 10% or 15% of the image size.

    You can choose from 16 different frame edge effects and textures.

    Make sure to run these actions after you have finished your major edits. Most of the filters used for edge effects work only in 8-bits, so the image is converted to 8-bits by the actions in this action set.

    Edge effects affect the edge area. The Gaussian Blur of the edge and frame affect how those effects diffuse around the center of the image. Texture effects do not respect the edge boundary. They instead affect the entire image.

    To use the actions, start with one of the "Create Framed Edge" or "Create Unframed Edge" actions. Then run "Gaussian Blur Edge," selecting a setting that gives desirable results. If you selected one of the "Create Framed Effect" actions, you might want to run "Gaussian Blur Frame" to soften its edges. Then apply an edge effect.

    You get a Layer Set/Group in Photoshop CS/CS2. Earlier verisons of PS will get several actions without an Action Set.

    It's a free download!

    I updated the Learning Gallery that demonstrates these actions.