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    Ok, time I bit the bullet and asked...

    How can you do the overlays and borders that this guy does:
    (1st Portfolio)
    Very Grungy and gothic.
    I love it.
    I've managed to make brushes similar to that effect, except I don't know how to overlay them like he does. I love the effect and while I don't want to copy his work exactly I want to learn another skill.

    Ok so what I'm asking is has anyone else managed to pull this off and if so, how?
    If not then do you know of anywhere I can find a tutorial?
    TBH I'm particulary interested in the way he creates the aged, scratched effect in some of his photos. I'd like to know how to make it look realistic.

    Thank you

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    To get the torn up borders look that you're seeing, the easiest way is to use the diplace filter, at least as a stating point. To see how this works right now, just make a border of some kind around a picture and then go to the displace filter under distort and then browse for a file on your computer that has a .psd extension and then click ok and watch what happens to your border.
    You'll get better results if you make your own displacement maps for this effect. You can do that in a variety of ways. Just make a new file and muck it up with brushes and parts of an image that you've filtered, etc., save it as a .psd file in a folder, then when you want to use it, go to filter>distort>displace and then enter values you want for the filter and then navigate to your displacement map that you had saved earlier and voila.
    The other grunge effect you're seeing are texture files overlaid over pictures.
    Google "textures" and you'll probably find a lot. A picture of a wall of peeling paint is a good example.



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      Wow, thankyou I didn't think of using the displace filter, an I'm off to google those textures now.
      Thank you very much


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        there are some good borders available in an action here some of them are kind of grunge. A good way to get this texture is to either use grunge brushes to muck up a blank layer and then change the mode to overlay and play with the transparency until it looks right...or like the previous poster said -- find a good texture...a piece of art paper, a scratched up old photo, peeling paint, yellowed books...all of these things can be layered over in a blend mode to give that kind of look. This photo has a texure overlay on multiply mode and a brush layer for the scratches on multiply at 45% opacity. (not my photo-- just pulled it off a free stock site for this). Good luck-- it's a fun effect to play with.

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          I would suggest first to check the RP database, for grunge effect or something similar, or check
          here to see if this would help for what you want.

          Good luck


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            I did do a search but I couldn't really find anything, thank you for all the help tho, I've managed to sort it out now


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