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Ron Nichols Retouching Palette


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  • Ron Nichols Retouching Palette

    Is anyone using Ron Nichols Retouching Palette?

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    Hi Shades0fBlue,

    welcome to RP!

    Originally posted by Shades0fBlue
    Is anyone using Ron Nichols Retouching Palette?
    No, I've never used it ... From what I've seen in his promotional video it seems a very useful collection of PS written actions assembled in an external standalone program which integrates and can be used together with PS, with the addition of several integrated explanatory videos.

    Surely a big help for learning and a big time saver for advanced users if you don't mind spending $169...

    A couple of questions though ... If you want to learn PS, why not investing some time to learn how to write your own custom actions?... If you are an advanced user, why not write actions for your favourite techniques and most used functions yourself?

    You can always keep your PS Actions Palette free and open ... it works in exactly the same way: double click and paint...


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      Thanks for the welcoming...I have been here a while, just haven't posted until now. I do have actions and what not for myself, however, the reason I ask is because I just recently started a job retouching for a local pro photographer and she raves about it. So, I was curious as to how many/if any one was using it, because it is a ingenious concept to market.


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        Retouching Palette


        Thanks for taking a look at the site and the palette.

        I was not aware of until I saw download requests referencing the forum go though today.

        I totally agree that writing actions to simplify workflow is the way to go. That is the way this product began. I needed to streamline the retouching process on all the images that we were moving through our studio on a daily basis.

        The about a year ago, we launched version 3. This is very different then the original actions concept. Rather than using actions, the palette uses scripting code to allow much more complex and intuitive functions. The palette was created by myself and a three-programmer team.

        A double-click will control tool settings, brushes, brush dynamics, blending modes, opacity’s, layers and layer sets. I often joke that it is like "Actions on Steroids". Some of the tasks could be created in actions, but many could not.

        The palette has one goal in mind. Increase retouching efficiency. It's not fancy special effects that you use once a week, its functions you use over and over, every day. The Palette contains about 45 retouching task functions. In addition to all the tasks, the palette contains 29 training videos. If you have a question on a task, either click the help icon or launch a video segment produced just for that task.

        Anyone can download a free trial at It's fully functional for 30 days. It was designed and built for PC or MAC, Photoshop CS2, but will work with CS and v7.

        I hope it was OK to share this info here.


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          Hi Ron,

          welcome to RP!!

          Thank you very much for sharing the info on your great product!

          A couple of questions ...

          * once installed and functional, could I add some of my own actions to your Palette? ....

          * could I partially change some of the actions in your Palette to suit my personal needs?

          Thanks again for sharing.


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            RN Retouching Palette

            Originally posted by Flora
            Hi Ron,

            A couple of questions ...

            * once installed and functional, could I add some of my own actions to your Palette? ....

            * could I partially change some of the actions in your Palette to suit my personal needs?

            Thanks again for sharing.
            Currently we do not have an interface that would allow you to use your actions...but it is in BETA. Remember, the current palette uses all scripting and has no actions at all.

            Also in BETA is the ability to select or deselect tasks that you what visible in the palette. We are adding user preferences that would allow some customization like "light touch" settings.

            In just about two weeks we are launching a competely new web site that will have more tips and techniques, and a feature request link.


            Ron Nichols
            Ron Nichols Digital Solutions