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Can anyone help retouching this picture?

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  • Can anyone help retouching this picture?

    I would like if you can tell also the steps you take, so i can know what i'm doing wrong

    Thank You!
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    One newbie to another ..

    Hi there

    I opened in Photoshop, checked the 'channels' to see which minimised the damage .. red/green/blue. I chose to use the red channel and converted to greyscale.

    I made a duplicate of the image in layers and used that to work on. Levels were corrected before any other repair work. It helps to identify unwanted marks.

    I ran both the 'despeckle' and 'dust and scratch' filters before using a mixture of clone at 40% and healing tool to repair scratches and spots.

    There is a line running over and through the man's left shoulder and not much room for repairs on his face, so it was more a matter of breaking the line so it became less noticeable.

    When cleaned up I checked the levels again and ran 'smart sharpen' filter.

    Wishing you well,

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      Very fixable this one.
      Mainly Healing brush on a seperate layer, convert to greyscale with Channel mixer (just fiddle to get the look you want) Then noise removal (neat image does a good job) and then smart sharpen to finish.
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        This is a relatively easy one as far as restorations go.

        1. Convert the image to black and white. There are many ways to do this. I duplicated the image, converted the duplicate to Grayscale then Shift + Click (pressing shift while you do this ensures that the image automatically centres itself) drag the Grayscale duplicate back onto the original and set the Blend Mode to Luminosity.

        2. Open a new Layer and get to work with the Healing brush and Clone brush.

        3. Open a new layer and merge visible (ctrl/alt/shift/E). I duplicated this and first used Unsharp Mask to sharpen the man on the bike. I masked out the background. Then I used the duplicate layer to apply a general Sharpening. I masked out the wall because I didn't want that to appear sharp.

        4. Finally I added a color layer because I like that 'nicotine-stained' look of the original. I used color E3DEAB, set the blend mode to color and reduced the opacity to 50%.

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          Thank you, I think the three of them are really good jobs! I want to give it a try with your suggestions to see if I can achive this. Thank you very much!


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            Re: Can anyone help retouching this picture?


            Here is mine.