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  • skin smoothing action

    Here's a skin smoothing action

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    Instructions : skin smoothing

    Sorry I did not make instructions with this action. As I make actions for my use only. But apply the action on a(duplicate) background layer. It works in RGB or/and CMYK. When the first blur comes up set it to your pref.(say 2 or3). When the first curves box comes up, slightly lighten the image on the RGB or CMYK composite curve, at the midpoint of the curve. When the second blur comes up set to "double" the first blur setting. That would be (4 or 6). When the second curve box comes up, Slightly darken the RGB or CMYK composite curve, at the midpoint of the curve. And then use the layer mask to paint on(paint with black) to show the effect of the skin smoothing. You can control the effect of the skin smoothig. When painting on the layer mask, adjust the opacity of the brush.

    p.s. I have to say one thing. It took me longer to write this thing than to make the action. Also if you find this action helpful please send me what you can my swiss bank account. Thank You.

    Would like to thank also Mr. Dan(The Man) Margulis for the idea of the skin smoothing as I put this into an action.
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      Thanks John. This will be a handy one to have. Glad you shared it with us. I think that explaination will come in handy even if it took you longer than the action.


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        How do you work the skin smoothing action. On the layer mask.


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          When I paint on it. I'm painting the black color on it. And there's no smoothing being done. Just the black color shows.


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            Hello Mr. Shag-man.

            Try clicking on the white layer mask first(making sure its active) before painting with the paintbrush. You can vary the opac. of the brush as well when painting on that layer mask.

            See if that's the problem. And if it is. Shag!!!!! Me!!!! Bay'bee!!! Yeah!!!
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              Hi John, I too found a use for Dans curve/blend trick which I put in an article and action for Photoshop 5.x or higher -

              You are so right - it's easy to do, harder to write about. <g>

              Stephen Marsh.


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                Hello Stephen ( I guess I can call you by first name. Since we are frat brothers. We come from the same school.)

                Yes. I "really" like the actions you made. I downloaded them. And viewed what they did. I modified them a bit with a layer mask.....ect.ect...for the way I would like to use them.... On one or two of them.............. Made a couple so I do the settings manually. That kind of thing. Checked your articles as well. Their good as well.


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                  Got it. Can you make the skin smoothing like those magazine covers. When do you use the skin smoothing action and for what type of images. Also how much do you llighten and darken the curves.

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                    Shagman - usually about 3-5 points of lightening/darkening in the curve is enough, although sometimes I go to around 10 points...

                    It depends on the image, the more you darken or lighten the less smoothing there is.

                    Stephen Marsh.


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                      Got this somewhere, can't remember where, but it does a nice job on the whole pic, specially if you're lazy like me.
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