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  • Cloning tool

    Is there a way when using the cloning tool to make the "alt mouse click" thingy stay put and not move while you clone? Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. ie -- I need the area I'm trying to clone to be the same repeat over and over of a selected part of a picture chosen by my "alt mouse click".


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    Re: Cloning tool

    With the clone tool selected look on the tool bar and unselect "Aligned" this makes your sampled area stay in the same place all the time,



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      Re: Cloning tool

      Clear the 'Aligned' check mark at the top of the work area.
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        Re: Cloning tool

        also, consider the patch tool


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          Re: Cloning tool

          Once again thanks to all that replied to my question. I'm just a newbie so excuse my simple questions but please except more that you will probably receive in the future.


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