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Removing Grainyness

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  • Removing Grainyness

    Im trying to see if there is away to clear up the quality of this picture some.. remove the grain looking look .. I dont know the correct
    but help from personal techiniques would be appreacite..

    link to an image ..above

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    Re: Removing Grainyness

    The grain look you are referring to is called "noise". There are plug-ins that do this such as Neat Image, Noiseware, Noise Ninja and Photoshop CS2 has a noise removal filter as well.

    Neat Image has a free version for non-commerical use. Download Page

    Noiseware also has a free version for non-commerical use. Download Page

    CS2 Noise Removal Tut

    You can also try removing the noise by switching to LAB mode and bluring the A and B channels. Here is a tut.

    Hope this helps!


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      Re: Removing Grainyness

      I know I saw a noise reduction tutorial on the net months ago using some actionsin LAB mode...but I don't remeber where...the greyness is colour noise due toi high value of ISO,,,The tutorial made a nice result, not 100%, but nice...



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        Re: Removing Graininess

        The "grain" is actually severe color noise. One run through with the noise filter Noiseware smooth it out but as you can see from attachment 1, there is a lot of residual yellow. I took the image into LAB and reduced the yellow resulting in at6tachment 2.
        Regards, Murray
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          Re: Removing Grainyness

          Hi there

          As Paul says a good noise reduction program can help some.

          I ran this example thru imagenomic software

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            Re: Removing Grainyness

            I first copied the layer using screen blending mode and then used Neat Image.

            Still with residual grain but I suspect more aggressive blurring would dull the image somewhat.
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