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removing shadows


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    removing shadows from face and neck
    by yiting91_milky
    hi people! can anyone teach me how to remove shadows from face and neck.
    have tried using cloning but doesn't look natural. can anyone help me with it? ...
    06-21-2010, 12:31 AM
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    removing heavy shadows
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    Hi Folks,
    My Bunny and I have returned to get your opinions on removing shadows.
    It's the dark shadowing around the arms and shoulder that I'm concerned with. I'll probably clone the shadow around the ears.

    my bunny
    What method/methods work best for you?
    06-10-2003, 04:45 PM
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    Hi guys!

    Completely new. I have Corel Draw and Corel photo-paint X6 right. I've just learnt how to use it very basically. What my issue is, is that I am helping my father-in-law deign a pamphlet for his company. He refuses to hire a pro so i'm attempting it. Problem is. There are shadows...
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    Help with removing shadows.
    by AnorexiaGore
    I'm so frustrated. I've been trying to remove shadows from these pictures for days and I just cannot get it. Can anyone help? This is just one of many that have shadows across her face.

    I'm using Photoshop CS5.

    12-15-2010, 11:14 PM
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  • removing shadows

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I remove the shadows from this image?

    I have Photoshop CS2


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    Re: removing shadows

    The three gentlemen on the left are in such dark shadows, I don't think you'll be able to correct it with curves or dodging or anything like that (the far left guy has some hope). Some reconstruction will be needed. Probably start by stealing some similar face parts from elsewhere (in this image or another), then tranforming and liquifying them to fit and adjusting colors as well. If you have some more versions of this shot with their chins unshadowed, that'll greatly simplify things.

    I did just one of the gentlemen as an example. Took a chin from one of the other guys and pounded it into shape and color. Added a little noise to match grain. I did use a masked curve to fix his shirt as there is sufficient information to recover there. Figure on about 15 minutes work per chin.

    Removing the shadows on the wall is easier of course--just clone the texture from the non-shadowed areas.

    The contrast on this image is very harsh--too harsh for a people-photo. Do you have a lower-contrast version?

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      Re: removing shadows

      Thanks a lot.

      But what did you do, specifically, using Photoshop?

      Actually, I was looking to remove the shadows on the wall. too. How do I do that without there being big blobs of space where the shadows were?

      I've only just acquired photoshop, so I don't know my way around it yet. I've used the microsoft "paint" feature for adjusting photos till now, which I know isn't very sophisticated at all.

      I think I need to use the "lasso" tool, is that right? How do I use it to remove the shadows?



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        Re: removing shadows

        Bart is correct of course... I cloned some background to make a few blocks.... duplicated the blocks and combined then used the healing brush to blend edges. Then with masks I painted out the shadows... I did not take a lot of time but you can get rid of the shadows or just lighten them by reducing the opacity on the block background layer.

        The harsh shadows on the men in back will be very hard to correct... I did a quick job with the clone tool set to lighten... then added a noise layer.

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          Re: removing shadows

          That's great. Thanks a lot.

          So how do I clone the background like that, using photoshop?

          And how do I insert it without encroaching on the figures?



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            Re: removing shadows

            Hi there

            I just made a marquee selection in the upper left corner.

            I duplicated this layer a few times ... moved the new blocks until I had enough to cover the shadowed background. Then I used the healing brush to blend the block edges .

            I had a solid background covering the bad areas. Then I attached a hide all mask... This hid the background ...I clicked on the new attached mask.... then with a soft white brush I painted over the shadow... this allows the background to show through.