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  • Jillian's Thread

    Hey everyone.
    I hope you guys haven't missed me too much. LOL
    I've kept intouch with a couple of you, and thought to come back to the site on a casual note.
    I always LOVED seeing your retouched versions of me, and always LOVED complementing you guys
    So I thought I would return.
    But before I go any further I would like to thank everyone who helped out on my Women's Studies project. We presented our work in a power point presentation and our final grade was 97%!
    WOOT WOOT!!!
    We really weren't after a killer grade, but to have the time to drill home how the media is infact selling an image to adolescent girls.
    RetouchPRO's retouchers, and the media and SOOOooo different.
    There's a difference between skills and talents, and stupidness and false hopes.
    RetouchPRO is an amazing site, and if anyone has a second to practice their skills I would be thrilled to see your work on any photos I post.
    I also have access to a new Digital camera. (What do you think of the quality)
    I personally love how for once my eyes aren't stupid BROWN and that you can tell the true colours
    IF you would like a larger version than what I have posted you can e-mail me at [email protected]
    Thanks guys and have fun;


    Photo #1 This is a close up. I have yet to figure out how to work the timer... something farther away will come soon. I figured I'd get you guys warmed up a bit
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    Re: Jillian's Thread

    88 views, no feedback.
    Are these okay photos to work with?


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      Re: Jillian's Thread

      You should probably use better titles than Jillian's thread every time
      ...and say what you actually want from the thread.


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        Re: Jillian's Thread

        Forgive me if this sounds cynical.
        I would seem that you want the people here to do some more work for you.
        This is a learning forum, we are quite happy to help you with pictures if you require assistance with styles etc. but not to do all the work for you.
        Why did you remove all your pictures when you had finished with us?
        No one else had the chance to look at them or even give their own interpretations.
        I for one will not be working on your pictures.



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          Re: Jillian's Thread

          1) A different title - what couldn't be more simple
          2) I am learning how to do thing myself - thank you
          3) Learning from you on what you did to the photos that I have would create guidelines
          4) Privacy: The Girls in my WISE (Women's Studies Class) didn't want their photos up, Ben and my photos were personal (someone made a comment that was very out line) making me think that taking off the remaining photos would me smart.
          5) This wasn't meant to make anyone upset. One person ruined it for the rest, and that's how it goes in life.
          6) I'm sorry that you got this impression from me.
          7) For those of you that don't see me as (using her own words) some demanding photo w***e than I would love if you could help me learn the techniques there are.

          I just took two photos and thought that the bigger the better.
          I would love to see what you can do, and see whether I can reach the same techniques you have. I'd like to keep things natural looking, but that's never been a problem.

          I'm sad to have this type of welcome back... but really I guess I was asking for it not explaining myself.
          Peter you're an awesome and talented person, and I'm sorry that you've felt this way for a while now, my appologies.


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            Re: Jillian's Thread

            if you are "learning" why don't you post a pic that you've worked on to show us how much you've learned


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              Re: Jillian's Thread

              If you don't want to practice on the pictures then feel free not to
              And I will be learning through other forms. I don't have the program right now, and I don't have any knowledge on this topic.

              For those who would like to practice themselves, please feel free.
              I would love to know what tools you used as this will be very helpful to me, and other users. I will be keeping everyone's photos up

              For those who think this is a fighting match, bugger off! I've appologized, now let's move on.


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                Re: Jillian's Thread

                This picture is better quality than the others you had posted. The camera phones just don't give a person much to work with.

                If you want to learn, then I'd suggest finding a good college class (I assume you are in college). You will get the benefit of an instructor, hands on experience, and a wealth of tutorials to experiment with. You know the old adage, take one FUN class every semester to stay sane. Try it. You might like it.



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                  Re: Jillian's Thread

                  Classes are a good idea.
                  But I don't learn from instructions. I teach myself.
                  Some of the more talented people in the world have taken the time (and the longer way) and taught themselves. I am not in school as I am rather ill. This week was my first time home in quiet some time. The rest of my time I was in IC or at the doctors office.
                  Thanks though for your suggestions, but I'm bed ridden for a while.


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                    Re: Jillian's Thread

                    welcome back, jillian

                    first off, if you EVER receive ANY abusive, invalidative, snide, or offensive remarks, private messages or emails as a result of being on this site, then report it immediately to a moderator or to doug nelson. that sort of behavior is NOT conducive to the friendly, helpful environment we attempt to maintain here. dont EVER let those go. ALWAYS report them!

                    second, it is the policy of this site, as stated in the FAQs, to not do freebies. however, there is nothing that says you cant donate an image to one of the challenges or to the art forum for others to work on. it was one of the reasons i suggested to you before that you place your image(s) in the art forum. basically, it's a sort of gift that others may choose to work on or not.

                    and third, i too was a bit surprised you took all of your pictures down, especially the ones of yourself. i found this out when working on one of you for the art forum and went to post it and there was no longer any thread. a shame. i was rather pleased with the work and no thread i do understand removing the others. so, thank you for letting us know about that.

                    and fourth, i enjoyed working on your images, freebie or not, and i hope you post more. but in light of all that's occurred, you might try the challenge forums or the art forums as being a little more in line with the site policies, at least until such time as you are actively working on the images yourself.

                    and fifth, lighten up, folks many of us enjoyed working on jililan's images. her engaging, vivacious, and energetic spirit were quite enjoyable to many. and her payment was always a warm remark or joyous 'wow!'. to me, that's often payment enough

                    so, welcome back, jillian


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                      Re: Jillian's Thread

                      Congrats on the 97% for your Women's Studies Project


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                        Re: Jillian's Thread

                        Generically speaking, I did the following:

                        1. Pincushion distortion added to undo the barrel distortion look from such a close perspective.
                        2. Used shadow/highlight tool to bring up the shadows slightly (I like portraits with a little less contrast).
                        3. Curve that is slightly pushed down near the highlights to make them a bit less harsh and bring out textures there.
                        4. Some of the degrunge method followed by some healing to smooth the skin
                        5. Boost saturation of the eyes and hair
                        6. As is typical with many brands of P&S cameras (Canon comes to mind), the shadows lose all color information, so I copied/pasted the left eye onto the right eye and adjusted brightness to sort of match.
                        7. Color balance to warm things up a bit--also could use a warming photo filter.
                        8. Added a levels adj layer with multiply blend mode. Applied a radial gradient mask to darken the edges softly--brings more attention to the subject.

                        Attached Files


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                          Re: Jillian's Thread

                          Good morning Craig!
                          Thank you for posting here. It really started my day off with a bit more hope for this site. As far as the comments (from before) I just let them roll of my back. But, if they occur again, I won't let them slide.
                          I remembered this site as a positive and constructive site, and due to this I returned. Though things started off with a bump I have recieved LOTS of help (Kerry and Bart thank you both!). Getting back on my feet will take some time, so I thought to discover the world of retouching photos.
                          What program would you suggest I look into. As a beginner I'm not ready to purchase an expensive program. Just something to dip my toes in. I have a photoshop CD somewhere. It's about 2 years old and that should work. I never knew what all the honking buttons where. So perhaps today I will search for that CD and follow up with some questions on here later.
                          I will look into the art forum as I don't want to come off as wanting freebies.
                          Helping others with their skills, and aquiring (sp?) some myself is the whole point behind this.
                          Thanks! We really worked down to the last second to make sure everything was running smoothly. And our message, and everyone's help made that 97% come true!
                          Thanks for your addition to this thread. Your step by step instructions will be extremely helpful onces I get some sort of program running. What program did you use. And the photo itself is amazing! After reading what you did I can appreciate every step you did. Some suggestions for another photo would be great. I'm not handy with the camera really (it's new and has far too many buttons).
                          If there is a photo that you thought was perfect for retouching based on the lighting and the quality I would be pleased as punch if you could add the link to this site and I can attempt to get the same quality photo.
                          If anyone would like to practice further please don't hesitate. I always check the site for updates, mine and others. So it's up to you.



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                            Re: Jillian's Thread

                            Jillian, if you have a 2 yo photoshop, then that's pretty current, maybe do a bit of searching on the web for help and instructions, also consult the help file. Don't know if there is still a free 24 hour access to (online progressive video tutorials), but that is worth a try once you get a program installed to have a play with. Some handy video tutorials can be found at
                            These are mainly photoshop oriented


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                              Re: Jillian's Thread

                              New motivation to find that darn CD!
                              Thanks for your direction I'll be sure you get back to you on my progress
                              Misson: Find la CD


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