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Really Tough Braces Removal!

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  • Really Tough Braces Removal!

    Hi all!

    I just had someone ask me to remove braces from her teeth. Usually I would have said no problem, except there is basically no tooth data to clone from to take the braces off and have some kind of thing resembling teeth left behind.

    Should I grab someone else's teeth? I have to find a way to do this, but I'm not sure of the best way to tackle it.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

    I had a limited supply of teeth to choose from and I am not real happy with the outcome. I made a selection of teeth from one picture and pasted them to the target picture. I lowered the opacity of the teeth layer and then using the warp transform tool made them fit. Added a layer mask to the teeth layer and painted out what I didn't want--the lips from the copied picture. Did a degrunge on the face and teeth (degrunge tutorial on RetouchPro). A little cloning and dodging. With more time and a good matching teeth selection I believe good results could be obtained. I believe that the experts would say that the picture that you borrow the teeth from should be the same resolution as the target image.

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      Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

      that's a difficult task...since their ain't much infor from the teeth behind the braces...

      i'm falling behind here...



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        Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

        You do have something larger to work with I hope!
        I started working with the smudge tool set to lighten at about 2 pixels and 30% for this image.
        Duplicated smudged teeth and used screen blending to lighten then a 'hide all' mask and painted in the lighter smudged teeth.
        Very difficult but maybe not impossible if you have something larger to work with
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          Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

          DCobb: I think you did great considering how difficult the task is. Where did you get the teeth from. I am thinking I am going to have to get replacement teeth for this one. Very tough indeed!

          Yup, my thoughts exactly on seeing the image.

          videosean: I have a 1.2MB file to work from. It's bigger, but I don't necessarily know if that is going to help. I don't see teeth for the braces here. How were you using the smudge tool? Just smudging over the metal braces? I've never used the smudge tool in this type of situation before. Just clone...

          I think it would be a good image to tackle, but my gut is to borrow teeth here. I just don't see getting good results from the data that is present (er, well not present in this case!).

          I'll let you know how I fare!


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            Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

            I haven't had to replace too many teeth but this is what I was able to do with the "inventory" of teeth I have. Stole them from another photo.
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              Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

              Originally posted by duwayne
              I haven't had to replace too many teeth but this is what I was able to do with the "inventory" of teeth I have. Stole them from another photo.
              Hey Duwayne!

              Great job! Do those teeth happen to be high res? I would love to get some teeth to do this image. I guess I could surf for stock. If you would be open to giving me some teeth (these ones in particular), I would love it.

              The file I am working with is about 1.2MB.


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                Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

                My original fin was 2700x3600 pixels. I cropped out just the teeth to stay under the 100K limit. Give these a try. BTY I duplicated the original layer and used an eraser to remove the girl teeth then put the new teeth under this layer.
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                  Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

                  Great job!

                  Recently I had to replace some in a shot that had 4 girls, so I borrowed the teeth of one of her sisters! I made a new layer, used the skew tool and then blended and erased until I had a nice new set of teeth! It took hours but the girl was so excited!

                  I saved the layer to use on other smiles! I do the same with eyes that I have to borrow!



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                    Re: Really Tough Braces Removal!

                    I think it's a great idea to save these layers! I've never really done body part replacement before, so this should be a cool challenge... will be back with results when I am finished.

                    Thank you for all the help from everyone!


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