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Sepia Toning (via Layer)

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  • Sepia Toning (via Layer)

    Desaturate your image and make a new color layer. Choose a color you like (I'm partial to C 13%, M 58%, Y 75%, K 13%). Fill the color layer with your chosen color at 100%. Adjust the color layer opacity and the Background layer curves until you get a combination you like.
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    RGB values

    I liked this tip but since I am using Elements2 I don't have the option to choose CYMK values, at least I don't know where if it is possible.
    What would be their RGB values.



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      Hi Carol,

      Welcome to RP. I'm posting the RGB values on the pic to the right. Jak's CMYK is on the left. The only difference is that I worked on the original scan. Jak pulled the image from our archives. Good luck.

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        RGB values

        Thanks.....That was quick



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