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  • pen tool help

    I've just started to experience the pen tools inner strength...But, I'm the kind of guy who needs to visualize it's full pontential...Is there any good tutorials that shows the pen tools full capasity?

    Please do reply if you know!



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    Re: pen tool help

    Very basic...

    More detailed...

    Video Tutorial


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      Re: pen tool help

      The pen tool is a very useful tool, but one thing that tends to frustrate new users, is trying to use it to draw without being able to see what you are doing. For some reason, adobe decided leave the rubber band feature off by default, and hide the setting. To get the best use of the pen tool, turn the rubber band setting on by selecting the pull down (Look for the little down arrow on the menu, next to the shape icon), on the pen tool menu.
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        Re: pen tool help

        thanks for nice replies...the links are very nice!
        DAVE: What is the rubberband tool good for? what does it do?




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          Re: pen tool help

          It gives you a stretchy rubber band that connects the dots while you work. As you adust the bezier handles, the rubber band will distort so you can see what you are selecting, instead of having to do it by guess work. Turn it on and give it a try. Anyone that I have ever shown it to never to turns it off once they discover how well it works.

          Take a look at this image, and you will see what it does.
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            Re: pen tool help

            A very basic thing is: click - click - click : straight lines.
            Click - Click and drag - curved lines.
            If you want a straight line after a curve - hold Alt and click back on the last point.
            You may like the rubber band: it drives me crazy.


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