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Airplane montages

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  • Airplane montages

    OK who can do the best montages with these pics of a Diamond DA40 aircraft.





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    Re: Airplane montages

    Whew! That was a tough exercise. This was my first attempt at a montage. I know pilots love those fancy new instrument panels, so I put that front and center ; )

    Thanks for the practice, Richard...I think : )

    Larger version here:
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      Re: Airplane montages

      I like it Pam. Are you sure that is your first attempt?

      I won't post my first attempt, at least I can't get any worse. I will see if I can do a good one over the weekend.


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        Re: Airplane montages

        This is what I came up with. I'm not sure I like the logo in the upper right hand corner?? What do you think?
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          Re: Airplane montages

          I like Pam's, for a first attempt it is good.

          Cathy I love the idea of the registration plates and the lines at the bottom it is a nice touch.


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