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remove fabric crease marks

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  • remove fabric crease marks

    I need suggestions & methods to remove the crease marks from these 2 shots.

    Whats the best way to retain the texture & pattern of the fabric & make them look as there were no marks on these.

    Shot 1
    orange top has creases to remove & is not in focus.

    Shot 2
    white pant has creases on crotch area & pockets that need to be removed & is slightly out of focus.
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    Re: remove fabric crease marks

    The pictuure of the white pants was small thus making work difficult. Not sure if this is what you meant.

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      Re: remove fabric crease marks

      DC, for some reason the thumbnails should appear in the post with the link to big images, but that did not happen.
      I have corrected the links now.

      So you can see big images.


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        Re: remove fabric crease marks

        no one for this retouch?
        Is it doable maintaining the texture or not?


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          Re: remove fabric crease marks

          I do not have time to work on the wrinkles. Are you talking about the wrinkles in the pants, top or both?

          Did do a focus correction. Picture on the left is the original.

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            Re: remove fabric crease marks

            On this picture I did a focus adjustment and made an attempt to remove wrinkles from some areas of the pants. Hope this gives you a little idea of what can be done.

            -Clone tool
            -Healing brush
            -Dodge tool

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              Re: remove fabric crease marks

              Thanks for your try,
              Yes I am talking about the wrinkles & creases both on top & pant maintaining the pattern of the garment & the pants you did disturbs the pattern of the garment.....that is the main issue.


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                Re: remove fabric crease marks

                The clone tool will provide the color and the healing brush texture. I am not a professional retoucher. How well I did would depend on what you see in the picture. You can try these tools and post your results when you are done. Hope this answers your questions. Did you take these photos?



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