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  • Starting a Portfolio

    This is my first official post here so, Hello Peeps and Photoshop Geeks. I want to know from the vets: HOW TO MAKE A COMPELLING PORTFOLIO. I intend to freelance my designs and retouches through music and entertainment industry professionals. So I'm looking to do a creative portfolio that will show my versitility and style. Is there any magic number of samples to have in my portfolio, is it okay for me to have an online portfolio and not a physical one? what types of things would a photographer be looking for in my work if I wanted to submit my portfolio to them? Also, where can I get hi-res model and product shots that haven't been retouched yet?

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    Re: Starting a Portfolio

    Hi there

    I would say no less than 10 pictures and no more than 20 in your physical portfolio, your web portfolio can contain lots more..

    As a semipro photographer i would be looking at skin colour, your ability to remove spots, scars and that sort of things.. and i would also be looking at your skills in changing backgrounds, and last but not least, your creativity.

    In my post "Anybody needs pictures" in this forum you will find lots of model shots that are untouched, and you can download the RAW files to work with.

    If you want i can suply you with som product shots, as well as car shots that you can play with.

    I would love to see the results as i am an idiot to post process my pictures


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      Re: Starting a Portfolio

      Jasz, Thank You So Much For Responding. I Appreciate The Guidance And Knowledge. I Would Love To Get Some Model And Product Shots From You. I'm Unfortunately Still Using Photoshop 7 But Hopefully Will Soon Be Upgrading To Cs3. I'll Look Through Your Files That You've Made Available. I Would Love To Use Some Of Your Images, Ofcourse I Would Give Photographer Credits. Since I'm Building My Portfolio Now I Don't Have Much To Show For What I've Done, But, I'm Uploading Samples This Weekend. Thanks.


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        Re: Starting a Portfolio

        Hey Jasz, Your Shots Are Really Hot Too. I Saw These A Couple Days Ago. Is There A Direct Link Where I Can Download Hi-res Files From You?