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1st post/Versace style


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    Hey guys,

    I'm sorry that my first post already is a question,
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    Could i please get some feedback on this, what i am doing wrong etc...
    03-23-2007, 01:27 PM
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  • 1st post/Versace style

    Well after lurking here for a few months and picking up some tips, I've finally decided to give it a go...

    While wandering around the bookstore I happened upon Vincent Versace's book "Welcome to Oz" and found it interesting. After getting home and going through it in depth I must say it's fantastic (if you can get over the fact that it is horribly edited and full of confusing typos/errata etc). Really some great material on fine art photography and some amazing photoshop techniques. His style is to apply differences in light/contrast/saturation/focus to direct the viewers eye across the photo in a specific way.

    Well, here's my first attempt at applying some of the principles from the book, using a picture I took of a Japanese maple in front of my house. All critiques greatly appreciated.


    Before + After:
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    Re: 1st post/Versace style

    I'd say you paid attention to his suggestions. You morphed an average image into something quite interesting. Well done.

    And thanks for the book tip. You've made an immediate positive impact to the forum with such a worthwhile golden nugget. Keep 'em coming.


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      Re: 1st post/Versace style

      Mucker, Welcome aboard!

      I have to interate what Danny said. You did take an average shot, select an excellent crop and did some great lighting and contrast. Look forward to more stuff from you!


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        Re: 1st post/Versace style

        I like it. Looks good.


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          Re: 1st post/Versace style


          Thanks for the post - it looks great. In fact, it inspired me to buy the book.

          I've been looking for new Photoshop books to further my education, and although Versace doesn't teach you anything "new", it's technique and the way he looks at an image that he teaches. Very interesting, and based upon your post, very instructional.