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Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?

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  • Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?

    Hi there,

    I've been trying to figure out how to use the "Texturise" filter in Photoshop, I found and downloaded some nice new textures and would like to start using them. In Photoshop I can't seem to be able to apply or use the "Texturise" filter on any type of layer, so how exactly do you apply textures to an image in Photoshop? Any help appreciated, cheers Shaun.

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    Re: Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?


    You have to load the textures that you downloaded using the flyout menu in the Textures dialog box. This will open your standard Mac/PC open dialog box where you can navigate to the location where you have saved your downloads.
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      Re: Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?

      if the textures are big enough, maybe just add into to your work instead of filter...experiment wiht blendmode when adding the texture onto the picture...more control = more fun




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        Re: Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?

        FYI I'm on a mac, thanks for the help above, I hadn't thought of bringing the texture in as a layer, I can make that work I'm sure, but I still can't seem to get the Texture filter to work, it is always greyed out under the Filter menu, along with Filter Gallery which is also always greyed out. I don't use Filter Gallery very often, but have used it in the past, but can't seem to figure out how to be able to use it now? What type of layer/selection is required for the Texture Filter or Filter Gallery to work?


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          Re: Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?

          You should be able to use the Texture filter on just about anything at any time including applying to masks.

          Check your PS/Plug-Ins/ folder and make sure "Texture Fill.plugin" is present. If not, then you may need to reinstall the program. This is the plug-in that calls up the Texture dialog box. If it's not there, then "Textures" in your filters menu will be grayed out.


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            Re: Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?

            Hmmm, theres no Texture Fill.plug-in file in the plug ins folder, not sure why, will have to look at a re-install to try and recover it. The Filter Gallery.plug-in is present and is in the "Effects" folder. Thanks for the help, hopefully I can restore the texture plug in and start using it.


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              Re: Using the Texture Filter, Help Please?

              You should also have a folder of Textures in your Presets folder. These come standard with PS.

              You didn't say which version you are using. I'm using PSCS2, but I don't think things changed that much in the Texture filter.


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