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  • Skin Values

    I was going through my hard drive today and found this old skin value swatch. I can't remember where I got it from, but thought some of you may like to have it as well
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    Re: Skin Values

    Just to ask...In what kind of way would this be beneficial for me? I have no experience using this type of card, so you could be so kind to answer please...




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      Re: Skin Values

      Thanks Alison.

      I have one that I have put together similar to this, although I think that yours has some slightly different shades. Always nice to have.

      Gerry, A skin sample card like this is invaluable when trying to colorize a photo. It gives you a starting point to use when adding skin colors to a subject. A few of ways to use it are: 1) You can set your brush color, and paint the color in. 2) Place the color swatch next to your subject in new layer above, and adjust the color to match using hue/saturation adjust layer. 3) Use as a source for color replacement selection.


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        Re: Skin Values

        Attached are some more skin values as well as some hair values that might be useful. Don't remember where I got them from but I do use them.
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          Re: Skin Values

          Cool! Thanks for posting.


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            Re: Skin Values

            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Re: Skin Values

              Yeah, that´s cool thing "Bruce Beard's Hair & Skin Color Charts". But currently I just use an aditional Photoshop filter "PhotoTune.SkinTune.v2.0"
              And obviously my "memory color´s" values
              In general caucasian human´s skin have 3/4 of cyan, from magenta´s values. And the yellow could be a little bit highter than magenta. And zero of black. The sample point´s area could be chosed out of shadows and make-up influence. Something like C:7 M:23 Y:26 K:0
              Obviously that´s not a law. Photos may have a heck of a lot of conditions. But that´s what i have in my mind like a reference
              good luck.


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                Re: Skin Values

                Thanks for the link Doug Doesn't hurt to have lots of helping hands


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                  Re: Skin Values

         you have any examples of using the color card with your phototune.skintune plugin there?



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