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Liquifying RGb and Alpha Channel

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  • Liquifying RGb and Alpha Channel

    Hi there,
    I am needing to liquify on the RGB channels, and also have it affect the Alpha 1 channel. the image is a 4 band tiff (RGB1-3 and Alpha 1) 16 bit. I have tried everything I can think of. Is this possible? Essentially i wanted to perform a liquify (once) and have it affect all channels. If anyone has any clues, I sure could use the help

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    Re: Liquifying RGb and Alpha Channel

    is your alpha 1 channel a mask or selection that you want to transform with the liquify move?


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      Re: Liquifying RGb and Alpha Channel

      you have to save a mesh file after liquifying the rgb channels. then apply the mesh to the alpha channel.


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        Re: Liquifying RGb and Alpha Channel

        if so, what you can do is make a new layer, select the contents of your alpha channel, and paste it into the new layer you made. make it what ever color you want. turn off your alpha 1 for now, as you will replace it with the new laquified shape.

        dupe the file, and merge it together, then go into liquify and make all your moves, but don't hit ok, instead, use the save mesh option and save it to your desktop.

        now go back to the layered file, and run that mesh on each layer, the rgb composite and your temporary alpha 1 layer. it will look the same as the liquify you did on the temp composite file.

        now, you can turn off the temporary alpha 1 layer, so you rgb image is showing. but you need to replace the alpha 1 channel mask by copy and pasting the new form, from the temp layer you made.

        sounds very confusing, but it's def. a way to get it done.


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          Re: Liquifying RGb and Alpha Channel

          too late, jacknick actually made it a lot more simple!!!!

          didn't know you could liquify directly to the channels.


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            Re: Liquifying RGb and Alpha Channel

            thanks for all the input, the way I have decided to do it is with the save mesh. I was just wondering if there were a way to edit all 4 channels at the same time...I have about 3000 images to edit, and i wanted the simplest, quickist fix. Great info, you guys are really on your game. KR1156, that is a very creative way of getting it done, and if I can Batch out the process, to work the same on all the images as I edit them, that might be the best 1 click solution. for now, I think the save mesh is the easiest.
            thanks again


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