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  • Photoshop for home improvement

    This tip is about another great use for your photo editing software. If you have ever wanted to paint your walls but kind of wished you could see how the color would appear or how dark you want it first, try taking pictures of different angles of the room and using your photo editing software, select the walls to be painted and put them on a seperate layer. Now you can adjust the color, saturation and dark or light values until you find the combinations you want. It will save alot of time and money if you buy paint and don't like the look after applying it. Use it on the out side of your home also to see how your color choices will look together.

    It's an unconventional tip but one I found very useful this week when I decided to paint my kitchen / family room and one wall on a wallpapered bathroom. Took alot of the fear out in choosing the right colors and was so easy to do.

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    I did a similar thing with my son's car. He wanted to have it spray painted a different colour so I masked the car and made several layers of different colours for him to choose from. It was fun and really gave me a good idea how the car would look.


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      Great tip for someone like me! That could save me thousands!



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        Good idea!

        I tried it with my living room. I don't think my idea works after seeing it this way. Good thing I didn't go out and buy all that plaster and paint!!!

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