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Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

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  • Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

    There is a shadow just below the two uprights in the door latch, caused by the overhead sun shining on the latch's handle that protrudes directly toward the viewer, so that the depth of handle is flat, but the shadow of it is distracting (I think). I took this photo with the idea of a flat abstract.

    There is shadowing under other parts of the latch, but they don't bother me.This shadow is an unwelcome component.

    I've tried to use a combination of the clone tool and the healing brush tool, but it's not working out. One thing I'd like to do is preserve the underlying detail in the shadow, but that may not be possible.

    Any ideas?
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    Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

    Gave it a try. Not sure if this is what you're looking for.
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      Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

      It's exactly what I'm looking for. Would you mind telling me the tools, layers, etc., you used to do this? You don't have to do a step-by-step explanation. Just give me an idea how you went about this.


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        Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail


        I gave this a try too, but did not save the results as the other post achieved the objective. Using CS3, I selected the shadow and reduced the shadow using levels and then deselected and used the healing brush to just touch up the area.



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          Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

          I used similar adjustments:
          -curves & HSL
          -some D&B & a little cloning
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            Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

            I did just as Chillin has listed also a little hp sharpen.


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              Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

              I think it looks great Ray! The only thing is that when I looked at the adjust photo, something just didn't seem right... I think that it's because half the shadow is there... and half is gone... I think in order to make it work, you need to get rid of the entire shadow under the latch, otherwise it (I feel) it looks too fake. Great job, and great picture!!


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                Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

                Thanks, I wasn't sure how far One4UAll wanted to go with the shadow.


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                  Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

                  Thanks to all for responding. Somehow email notification didn't come thru & I didn't know of all this response until directly accessing this site, now.

                  I like chillin's rendition, and thank you, Chillin, for providing images of how you processed this photo. You did, indeed, remove the shadow while preserving the underlying detail. You also removed the shadow under the left upright, which preserves authenticity while maintaining the flatness I want. No small feat. I'm going to try and replicate what you did with that shadow. Thanks, a bunch.

                  Ray's rendition is good; I just wish he would have given some idea of how he went about it.

                  Unaware of what you guys were doing, I decided to give it another whack. I just selected the major shadow, moved the selection to another part of the photo, and copied it over the shadow. Then I touched up with the clone and healing brush tools.

                  I like what Chillin did. Anyway, below is what I did & I guess as the originator of the photo, the final judgment lies with me, but if I can come close to what Chillin did, I'll be happy.

                  If anyone has comments about my rendition, I'd be glad to listen. I'm no expert, by any means.
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                    Re: Eliminating shadow with underlying detail

                    I am glad to be of help, One4UAll


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