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    Ok I'm new to the site and to retouching in general however I have used photoshop for some time. Where would be the best place to start to learn simple retouching of face/portrait e.g what things would i do and what order....

    1)hide blemishes
    2) whiten teeth etc...

    and are there any simple to follow tutroials you guys could point me to.

    thanks all

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    Re: Where to start

    You can start by looking at the tutorials here, there are lots of them written already.Try the serach function.

    1 Use the Healing Brush
    2 Paint with white on a empty layer on top of the original and set blend mode to soft light. Then change opacity to taste.

    If you are curious about a tool, a simple trick is to just google it ... Like ....


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      Re: Where to start

      The Retouch "Bible" is Katrin Eisman's book on Restoration. She is The Queen!


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        Re: Where to start

        hey thanks for the mention on this book-


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          Re: Where to start


          Another book that you might like to take a look at is called:

          DIGITAL RESTORATION FROM START TO FINISH. As the title implies this book is directed more towards restoration rather than retouching.

          by Ctein (pronounced: kuh-TINE)

          ISBN; 0-240-80814-2



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            Re: Where to start

            Hi, I'm new too. Just got a tablet for Christmas! So far, I like watching the tutorials on YouTube. There are some good ones on there, as a visual person I feel like I have learned a lot on there. I just joined this site today, so I'm going to check out the tutorials on here too!