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Lighten under the eyes?

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  • Lighten under the eyes?

    When lightening the areas under the eyes (eye bags) whats the best way to go. I have tried using dodge tool but tend to get a very white patchy look.

    Should i heal or stamp or use the brush to paint.

    thanks all

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    Re: Lighten under the eyes?

    You might try adding a layer above filled with white and set to lighten or screen mode. Add a hide all (mask filled with black) and with low opacity soft white brush paint the offending areas on the mask. Adjust the opacity of the layer to suit.


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      Re: Lighten under the eyes?

      or use the clone stamp set to lighten mode and around 20% opacity and just tap the area


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        Re: Lighten under the eyes?

        Theres many ways to do this. The fastest and easiest way to do this is probably to use the healing tool. Set the source right below the area you want to fix and paint over the light part. Another way would be to add a new layer, set the mode to soft light and paint over the part thats too light with dark grey soft brush and then adjust the opacity of the layer.


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          Re: Lighten under the eyes?

          Thanks all for your help, much appreciated!


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            Re: Lighten under the eyes?

            The patch tool is made for this. Activate the patch tool, choose the "new selection" option, check "source", select area under eye, drag to area of good skin, and before deselecting go to Edit>Fade patch> and decrease opacity. You can click Ctrl+H to hide the marching ants if it helps deternining how much to fade. Don't forget to deselect at the end.



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              Re: Lighten under the eyes?

              rharris: wow that was so helpful and much easier than all the other methods...i can see me using this a lot not only for under the eyes but other parts of the face!!

              thanks again


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