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  • skin texture

    this has been killing me.i have no idea how to add skin texture back to a retouched photo.i searched the forum and i didn't find it.anyone want to assist me.sorry if this subject was brought up.i just didn't find it in the search.please someone help!!!

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    Re: skin texture

    Usually you don't 'add' skin texture. When you retouch, you shouldn't remove it in the first place.

    Use the dodge and burn method (there's a RetouchPRO tutorial available),
    or use one of the noise reduction plugins that won't eliminate all texture.
    Try Portraiture, it does a nice job when you don't need a high end retouch.


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      Re: skin texture

      to add skin texture is to add the skin texture on a new layer, blendmode linear light, the use high pass filter and adjust radius until the skin texture "fits"...I tend to take down opacity as well! hope this helps!


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