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Portrait Professional software?

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  • Portrait Professional software?

    My apologizes if this topic has been covered already, but someone in another forum pointed me to a software program called "Portrait Professional". Currently it is selling for $60 in the US.

    I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with this program, and would like to point me to any past discussions, or would like to give their input here.

    Edit: Their website is located at:
    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Re: Portrait Professional software?

    Is this the software you are referring to? I haven't used it since preparing the promo page. At the time its processing required an internet connection, which was supposed to be changed in a later version (I don't know if it ever was; I don't think so last I checked).


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      Re: Portrait Professional software?

      I bought this software. It doesn't need an internet connection now.

      However, I must be honest, it's not that great. The skin smoothing is just terrible. The only thing I do sort of like is the way it re-sculpts the face, but even that is quite poorly done unless you have the perfect photo for it (for example it's absolutely terrible with an open mouth).

      I wouldn't buy it if I could go back. I suggest getting the demo and trying it yourself though.


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