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How to repair hair?

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  • How to repair hair?

    Did some extraction using select color range, and I damaged the hair in the process by removing some bits in the central area. I want to repair the hair now but the cloning brush gives a patchy look.

    I've been thinking of using hair brushes as a pattern stamp as I've found some that have similar shape. Thing is, how would I use them this way? Highlighted hair has distinct streaks, but when I use the hair brush, after I paint in 1 color and switch to another and repaint, it just looks like 2 flat pieces of paper hair overlaid on top of each other.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: How to repair hair?

    Provide the picture....


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      Re: How to repair hair?

      Assuming you still have the original image you can clone or cut and paste from there.



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        Re: How to repair hair?

        It depends a lot, but often instead of using the clone tool, the heal tool set to replace mode can work well.


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