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Photoshop Abuse?

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  • Photoshop Abuse?

    I happened to drop by at this blog and his talking about abuse in using Photoshop in some sort of skin care advertisement. While looking at the images shown you actually don’t believe the before and after photo. It is a totally exaggerated in my own opinion.

    "As a designer I’m pretty used to noticing how overly Photoshopped people’s images are on certain magazine covers, but this advertisement really seemed over the top to me. I believe this is false advertising and I think its a shame people abuse Photoshop in this way to promote products."

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    Re: Photoshop Abuse?

    I think most people learn that much of advertising is BS. We all accept that. If they didn't use Photoshop, they'd use paint brushes.


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      Re: Photoshop Abuse?

      it's no wonder the image is so small, when you zoom in you can see that the wrinkles were added to the "after" image...


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        Re: Photoshop Abuse?

        you can tell just by lookign at the photo, what the hell is the chance two different photos have the exact same facial feature.. i see this pathetic ad and alot others like it lately. sad.


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          Re: Photoshop Abuse?

          Trust advertising claims at your own risk.


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            Re: Photoshop Abuse?

            Though in the pictures they put "simulated images" but still the effect is unbelievable... I would have to say its a bad advertisement! lol


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