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GREYCstoration - Open source denoising algorithms

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  • GREYCstoration - Open source denoising algorithms

    Cheers everyone,

    I'm an aspiring photographer, still new to the world of photoshop, so I would like to introduce myself. Hopefully by pointing something new and useful. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this program:

    Link goes to the demonstration page. You can also download the program for free as well. Some of the examples look very impressive. What do you guys think?


    PS. I hope it is somewhat new to some of you guys at least ;-)


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    Re: GREYCstoration - Open source denoising algorit

    Hello Greg and welcome to RP.

    Interesting stuff; news to me. Have you given it a go yet?


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      Re: GREYCstoration - Open source denoising algorit

      Yes I have. Just playing around.

      I used to do a lof of black and white photography, sometimes when you make a mistake (ehem.. do it on purpose of course) with the temperature of the developer you'll get very grainy results.

      I've tried the greyc program on one of those photos. It's slow, and it takes several iterations and some trial and error to get decent results, but once you get them.. they're amazing.

      I don't think it's ready to be part of a regular workflow, because of the speed and inconvenience of using it (saving to tiff, running external program, figuring out proper parameters, etc). Still, it may be the best way to save certain "special" images when the alternative is to just about reconstruct everyting. At least it can come up with a decent starting point for further reconstruction.


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        Re: GREYCstoration - Open source denoising algorit

        Nice to have alternative tools in your toolbag. Thx for additional info.


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