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  • BuzzPro for Mac

    Anyone have any idea where I can buy a copy of Buzzpro for Mac? I have a windows version, but doubt whether I can use that password/registration. Wish I had bought it right away.

    Pat W.

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    Re: BuzzPro for Mac

    Buzz is no longer supported. You can go HERE but the program is no longer available.

    I'm running the PPC version on my Mac because it won't run in Photoshop on the Intel machines unless you run PS in Rosetta.

    I had a long discussion with OnOne Software earlier this week and suggested that they develop a replacement. You may want to drop them a line and express interest [email protected] or [email protected]

    The OnOne utilities are fantastic, their customer support excellent and who knows, if they hear from enough people they might develop a new simplifier to replace BUZZ.
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      Re: BuzzPro for Mac

      For the Mac it is called Buzz X. You might be able to find it on eBay. I am so disappointed that there is no more support for the program. Buzz is one of my favorites. I also purchased ArtMasterPro for a lot of money. I see that it is now being sold for $25 here:



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        Re: BuzzPro for Mac

        It is sad we lost buZZ. I have an old review copy that thankfully still works on my G4 with CS3.

        One other plug-in that reminds me of buZZ is LucisArt (which itself is going to be discontinued May 8, to be replaced by a pro version in August).

        Here's a flower pic (heavily compressed to 100k) that shows (from top) the original, buZZ X and LucisArt Pro.

        Swampy, my contact at onOne is Mike Wong, VP of Marketing. How did you come across the other names? I met Mike at Photoshop World last year after being in touch by email prior to that.
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          Re: BuzzPro for Mac

          Dan Harlacher is OnOne's Senior Product Manager according to their contact page. P.Kinnan is in sales.

          I'm encouraging everyone to contact OnOne and expressing interest in their developing a replacement for Buzz. I don't know any programmers personally that would have both marketing and development resources to take it on. They do such a great job with their other Photoshop plug-ins and support, they seem like naturals to do it and perhaps if enough interest is shown (by others here, and at Innographics, SP, NAPP, DeviantArt and other art forums) they will consider it.

          So, folks drop an email to them and tell them how much you "love BUZZ". :-)


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            Re: BuzzPro for Mac

            Thanks Swampy.

            One thing to consider is whether the original developer of buZZ wants to sell the technology in the first place--without his cooperation it won't matter if onOne is interested or not. I can't recall the particular forum where we discussed this (it doesn't seem to be here, based on my searches, though I thought it was), but the original developer has a photo site online somewhere where he uses buZZ technology on his own portraits.


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              Re: BuzzPro for Mac

              It might be possible for OnOne to purchase the code, but I'm more inclined to think they would write their own. The do such good stuff, the interface would, I'm sure, be much more robust and they can add tweaks of their own. Nothing prevents them from developing their own plug-in simplifier.

              I'm just disappointed that the original guy dropped off the face of the map.


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