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Replacing color without losing luminosity

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  • Replacing color without losing luminosity

    I recently got married and after seeing far too many wedding websites, I noticed an interesting technique with changing the color off the dresses posted. I've achieved some success by using Hue/Saturation, but this hasn't always produced the results I've been looking for. In some cases, the highlights do not reproduce well when shifting to certain colors.

    Anyone know how they did this?

    On a slightly related point, if anyone has a sure-fire technique for converting white images to black (or vise-versa), please include this also. Inverting an image doesn't cut it, as you'll muck up the shadows and highlights. Think changing a car from black to white.

    Wisdom, please.....

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    Re: Replacing color without losing luminosity

    Tony, welcome to RP! I usually use a Gradient Map adjustment layer in Photoshop. Set the lightest and darkest shade of the new color on the gradient to correspond to the lightest and darkest shade of the color you wish to replace and voila.
    As for changing white to black or vice verse, check out the following thread.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Replacing color without losing luminosity

      Either that or switched to lab mode with the same masked off portions and used pantone swatches for the colors. But then again it could have been done several other ways.


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        Re: Replacing color without losing luminosity

        This worked a treat in PSCS ...

        • Make a selection of the area to be masked with a slight feather. I like to use the pen tool and convert to a selection.
        • Make a new, solid color layer above the image
        • Use the above selection to define the layer mask ... with the selected area white and the rest black
        • Set the blend mode to Linear Burn
        • Double click the solid color to get the Color Picker
        • Pick the new color for the dress and ... voila ... preserved luminosity and detail.

        Good luck with it,



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