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  • bathsheba
    Re: Photographer help needed

    Haha. I wrote this on another thread and someone else thought i was sarcastic as well. I'm not a retoucher... I'm an ad creative - is there something I'm missing here? Has he been thrashed on this blog? Thanks heaps for his name by the way.

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  • tadone
    Re: Photographer help needed

    Man I hope u are just being very sarcastic about that Dave Hill look that everybody is talking about

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  • bathsheba
    started a topic Photographer help needed

    Photographer help needed

    Hi there. I've been hunting for the last month for a photographer that does a lot of his own retouching and it looks surreal. Everything in his shot is super defined and contratsy yet he uses really rich colours. He shoots a lot of celebs (from memory he had Jon Heder sliding down a children's slide.) He also did one with a 19th century cowboy in the desert. The style he uses almost makes the photo look like an illustration. He has a porno-esque name like Jesse James or Stevie Starr or something. Please help me find out who this photographer is. I've been spending late nights on the internet to try and find him and still no luck.

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