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  • Lightning

    I seem to have trouble with noise. Most likely user error. no matter my manual setting on the camera or using auto, I get a fair amount of noise with night time / dark photos. Any recommendations are appreciated.

    This is my attempt at capturing lightning.[email protected]/2657721248/
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    Re: Lightning

    Had the same problem, after a little experimentation concluded it was the low tolerance for higher ISO of my cheap Finepix S5200. I'm interested in knowing any post editing fixes people here recomend.


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      Re: Lightning

      While you will probably get better advise putting this in a different forum, here's a few things to check. (If they are obvious, we certainly mean no offense, just checking all the bases .)

      We cannot examine your camera settings from any of the images, as the EXIF data has been removed. So, it is hard to tell if a setting was the root cause.

      Noise is normal in digital cameras using a high ISO and also from slow shutter speeds. Only the finest cameras are immune. By increasing the ISO (sensitivity) you are also increasing the camera's sensitivity to noise. So, first find a way to avoid ISO's above about 800. (The noise is simply a product of what the sensor chip does when there is not enough good light (photons) present to register good data. So, "noise" from every known source registers higher than the light. And of course the noise just generates random data.)

      1. Your camera is supposed to have a built-in noise reduction algorithm for use with high ISO images. Ensure it is turned on.
      2. Using a tripod is a no-brainer.
      3. Using delayed shutter release works to reduce shake by releasing the shutter while your hand is off the camera. But, you can't do it with lightening.
      4. Use more than one exposure. One for the background and others for the lightening. Then combine them in PS using HDR.
      5, Purchase a good noise reduction software, like Neat Image or Noise Ninja. (There are lots of comments in RetouchPro... just search for them.)
      6. Save up for a high-end camera !


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        Re: Lightning

        I Appreciate the response! I will wait for the next storm...


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          Re: Lightning

          One way..especially in the city at or after dusk... is to set up as long an exposure as you can... get as close to 30 seconds as reasonable... Use ISO 100 - 200. Then just keep shooting.. the odds are you will get a pretty good exposure.

          If very dark try the bulb mode... you may even be able to get more than one bolt on an exposure.



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            Re: Lightning

            not sure what "bulb mode" is.


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              Re: Lightning

              Bulb mode is the one in which you can manuallly push the button and the shutter is open until you leave to push.

              In this kind of pictures, use a tripod (of course). Select a long exposure time, reduce the iso to the minimun (100) and, if you push your picture histogram to the right, you will get more quality in your image.

              Very important to know the posibilities of your camera, and your lense. Some cameras dont work very good with long exposures. Profesional cameras are working quite well in this moment.

              hope it helps


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                Re: Lightning

                The other kind folks here have pretty much covered having a longer exposure with a smaller ISO so I thought you might want to have a way to salvage your present lightening shot because it looks pretty decent to me..
                Have you considered combining a HDR of your shot and the original and using a noise reduction plugin with some minor tweaking?

                ~~Original~ ~HDR sample~
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