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Right clicking (or command clicking) in PS

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  • Right clicking (or command clicking) in PS

    Windows users can rightclick in your image area (Mac users can command click) to bring up useful options for whichever tool you're using. For example, rightclicking with the brush tool will give you the brush controller, and rightclicking with the move tool will give you a clickable listing of all your layers.
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    Right clicking inside selection area (PC)

    Right clicking inside a selection will display a box which allows you to do many things with the selection, such as "new layer via selection", or "save selection", as well as others. This is a timesaver.



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      Not sure of the equivalent key for Windows users, but for the Mac CONTROL-clicking on a part of your picture (which contains several layers) will give you that layer (and sometimes one or two around it) and you can switch layers without going over to the layers palette. THAT'S a time saver!


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        The Mac has a control key? I thought the Mac/PC equivalents were command=control, option=alt
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          PC / Mac

          Ctrl / Cmd (command or apple key)

          Alt / Opt (option)

          Shift / Shift


          PC right mouse click / Mac if not using third party multi button mouse, then the keyboard Control key can be depressed then the mouse button click.

          The control key on the Mac is used in Photoshop and the operating system to perform contextual menu operations, since by default the Mac does not use a multi button mouse.

          On a side note, I like the new optical mouse from Apple, where the entire mousetop is the button, it sounds strange but is really comfortable - I have swapped over from the three button MS Intellimouse for the simpler Apple design, it is lower profile and more comfortable over an extended period of time). I was a very vocal critic of the 'hockey puck' round mouse from the initial iMacs, so I am very pleased with the redesign for the newer Macs.


          Stephen Marsh.