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Plastic skin effect!!! Need Help

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  • Plastic skin effect!!! Need Help

    I posted this on here, and someone suggested imagenomics, which is a cool plugin, however I am not quite sure how it will produce the effect that I am inquiring about, can an experienced retouch help give me a few pointers on the given effect in the link i provided please!!!!

    I am a photographer and do fairly well with retouching however I am trying to start a new challenge with my retouching and create that plastic flawless look for models in photoshop. Is there other software that is required to produce such effects, the look that I am going for is in the this link: ( If you have any information in how I could possibly get started in creating such an effect, please respond A.S.A.P I have another shoot coming up, in September and I would love to start working on it soon. Thank you so much!

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    Re: Plastic skin effect!!! Need Help

    Refer to already existing highlights/shadows and exaggerate and/or simplify them. Make a new layer, fill with 50% grey and set that layer to "Softlight" and paint black or white ( 0% hardness on the brush, 100% opacity, 1-5% flow) to carve down or up. Dodging and burning into a grey layer will pretty much duplicate the effect of painting white and black, but sometimes it works better to use actual tones sampled from the image: a highlight that hasn't blown out, and a shadow that nice and dark, but still showing tone. This is useful if white and black are creating discoloration. Switch from dodging to burning and back again simply by pressing the "X" key. This method sometimes adds saturation to the carved shadows.

    If you have a shoot coming up It would be nice if you posted a sample of your problem.

    Proper Lighting (Foreground, Background, Top, Back, Hair, Side, Snooted, Barn Doored, Soft, Hard, Reflected, Etc..), Exposure, Lens and Model placement go a long way in lessening the need for going for a "Style" via retouching..

    Submit a test shot or an example of a model with your lighting setup and more effective suggestions may be offered.. A sample of your work would help us decide in what direction to try and steer you toward the affect you want.

    There is no need to start a new thread just because you did not get the answer you wanted... (I am sure a Mod will combine them anyway)

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    After you post your less than 100K version, you could link to a site that is hosting a larger version.(like or or
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      Re: Plastic skin effect!!! Need Help

      I would duplicate the layer, use smart blur to your discretion and take the opacity or fill and adjust it so that it isn't obvious its blur but gives it a doll or plastic look.


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        Re: Plastic skin effect!!! Need Help

        That ModelMayhem picture does not looked plasticy at all really.
        I think you are confusing lighting and good elements to start with.
        That picture probably has very little post at all.

        That guy has great skin to start with ad the lighting does the rest.
        Try beauty dish, get a good model and concept.
        No need for filters or plastic skin.