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Help-Cleaning up a White studio Background

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  • Help-Cleaning up a White studio Background


    i would like some advise on how to clean up this studio shot taken on a white background

    its cropped to show where the white falls into light grey -

    i am looking for a quick easy way to fix this -

    in the past i recall using the channels with a blue copy - levels to make the whites whiter and blacks darker

    then some sort of selection then bring it into the layers palatte -

    but i cant recall how or if i did it that way

    PLEASE help with your advise on how to make a nice clean white background with keeping a little bit of shadows from their feet..

    many thanks
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    Re: Help-Cleaning up a White studio Background

    it looks the back was too over exposed at time of shoot!

    maybe you could mask the floor and bring the exposure up? using curves or levels...
    you have enough contrast in that to make a mask using channels!.


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      Re: Help-Cleaning up a White studio Background

      Since the background is plain white, just use "replace colour", sample the grey floor (not the shadows) and then shift the saturation and lightness sliders until you get white, and the fuzziness to determine how much shadow you want to retain. So long as you do it on a duplicate layer, you can easily mask out any unwanted effects on the subjects.


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        Re: Help-Cleaning up a White studio Background

        fuzz - the background is not over - it should be clean white as the octa was very high up it made the white paper on the floor light grey

        MANY thanks Very Wierd - thats the business !! replace colour worked a treat !!

        cheers - learning something new every day :-)


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